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Behind the Scenes
Here are some pics taken during the filming .

Ioan: " so the the pig says to the horse 'why the long face?'"
Ioan:"That's gotta be the stupidest joke I've ever heard"
Paul :"hey look , Gilder's after that chicken again...."
Ya know, you might get more on film if you move that !
Jamie : "Hello ! I'm over *here*..."
"What do you mean  I can't wear my glasses *all* the time ?????"
L-R Top: Paul McGann, Andrew Grieves, Terence Corrigan, Sean Gilder
  Bottom: Paul Copley, Philip Glenister, Jamie Bamber and Ioan Gruffudd
Big thanks to Mr Copley for this pic !

From The 1st HH series :

Taken during the filming of "Frogs and Lobsters/The Wrong War" 
Again Thanks to Mr Copley !
3rd Ass. Director Alex Gibb aboard the Julia (The Caroline -or plague ship- from The Fire Ships/The Examination for Lt.)
Thanks to Mr Copley .